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Volumes Bookbinding

Volumes Bookbinding

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Example of handmade bound volume of cm 12×9. All marbled paper, title on paper, written and friezes in china ink. All prices shown are indicative and related to binding. The volumes on images are not on sale.

For a good binding made in Italy, indicate to us the measures to be bound in volumes, or if you want to reproduce one image of yours, please send it to us: [email protected]

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Product Description

The Bookbindery

In Naples, Italy, within a beautiful courtyard of the sixteenth century, continues the art of bookbinding made in Italy, heir of a business started at the end of the 19th century.

The techniques of bookbinding, gilding and restoration are used for modern and old books, albums and boxes, signature books and custom objects tailored items. The processing fees have remained unchanged for centuries: it is always and only the craftsman with his imagination, patience and above all ability to make a good product.

The beautiful gold decorations are made with a wide variety of punches in bronze.

The ingredients are leather, marocchino, parchment, silk and antique fabrics, canvas and hemp papers laid, handmade papers, gold leaf, carbon black and ink, linen thread, twine of hemp and cotton ribbon, paper for restoration, fish glue and starch, cartoons hand worked, headband, seeding and satin ribbons: all mixed together with the same techniques, attention and love than once. The papers are hand marbled in the bookbindery, as well as the customization of products is built only ever measure.

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Additional Information

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