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Italian Tailors Abroad

Italian Tailors Abroad

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Leading Italian tailors are available to regularly go and take measurements of clients in New York, Londra, Tokyo, Baku, Doha and Montecarlo. Then they produce in Italy unique models of made-to-measure suits whose details are particularly refined: completely hand sewn, their suits are made with the most precious fabrics, following the new fashion trends with the best tailoring Made in Italy.
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Product Description

Needle and thread, master tailors at work, competent hands cutting, elegance and style…
This Italian Tailor’s Shop reminds the best italian tradition since here they make suits made in Italy that outlive their time.
Creativity, high-quality fabrics, bright ideas characterize the work of these tailors’ hands and make possible the accomplishment of unique models which reflect Italian Style and its incomparable details.

In the images you can see some details of the first and the second fitting:

  • First Fitting
    Jacket first fitting: pockets, moulding and under collar fitting. During this phase any kind of alteration is allowed.
  • Secon FittingThe front of the jacket is accomplished, pockets, hem and under collar are completed. The jacket begins to take an almost definitive shape which will be conclusive during the third and final fitting.

In addition the Tailor’s Shop keeps a wide archive of measures and patterns in order to realise its customers further requests.

Additional Information

Additional Information

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