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Your Bronze Portrait

Your Bronze Portrait

€ 7.000,00
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We are able to do your portrait sculpted in bronze. Price start from € 7000.00 for a portrait of 30x25x15 cm, depicting the head, for whose realization photographs are enough. For most demanding jobs, like entire statues and monuments, we’ll make an estimate; we are available to travel overseas and visit the customers.


Product Description

In the pictures:

  • The bronze bust of Elena di Savoia, Queen of Italy (1873-1952)
  • Our artist Giacomo realizes the model

The realization of the bust of Elena di Savoia, Queen of Italy, 72x45x32 cm, which also required a long process to chisel, is listed in € 38,000.00.
We perform bas-reliefs and sculptures for portals from € 6000.00 per square meter.

The Artist:

Our artist Giacomo, known as the “Sculptor of the King”, is one of the few contemporary sculptors who use their mastery in the technique of lost wax bronze casting, used since ancient times by the Egyptians, and widely used in classical Greece and during the Italian Renaissance.
Born in Cagliari, Italy, in 1976, he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. After, he has realized classic works in bronze, silver and pottery, such as the Pendant of SS. Annunziata, in silver molten and pearls, for the completion of the funerary monument of King Umberto I, visible inside the tombs of the Pantheon in Rome; the bronze bust of Elena di Savoia, Queen of Italy, situated at the Institute for the National Guard of Honor at the Royal Tombs of the Pantheon, the bronze bust of Umberto II King of Italy, exhibited at the Historical Museum of Cavalry of Pinerolo in Turin.
Its manufacturing process with the chisel and the color of bronze (patina) is performed with techniques kept secret by the artist.
Giacomo realizes entire statues even for monuments, like portals or public works.

Additional Information

Additional Information

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