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Meeting at the fountain

Meeting at the fountain

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Meeting at the fountain Bisquit  Colored Basrelief Wooden frame 65 x 55 cm. Porcelain

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Meeting at the fountain Bisquit  Colored Basrelief Wooden frame 65 x 55 cm. Porcelain.
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The factory, located in Veneto, continues the tradition of more than 200 years of Italian ceramics,
managing to blend the Neapolitan fantasy of Capodimonte with the formal creativity and the originality
of the color, typical of the Veneto region.

Thanks to the contribution of three artists a new trend has been created that has brought together
precision of the design and warm softness of colors.

Every single piece is handmade and is the result of many hours of work; what it has allowed to obtain
awards at international level for quality, originality of design, attention to detail.

The products, guaranteed by the signature of the sculptor and the trademark, constitute a safe investment
and remain prestigious masterpieces admired in every time for their beauty.


The relief is a form of transition between all-round sculpture and painting. In fact with the latter, it shares perspective and effect
of light shade, being closer to the definition of the outline and to the effectiveness of the chiaroscuro rather than to the graduation levels typical of real sculpture.

During the Italian Renaissance, the relief reaches its maximum development through the works of Andrea Pisano, Donatello, Della Robbia and Ghiberti, up to Thorwaldesen and Canova, and in the twentieth century sees engaged artists such as Rodin and many Italians as Medardo Rosso , Manzù and Minguzzi.

In the works of our factory we find examples of continuity in this field and therefore,
in addition to the traditional all-round representation, there are interesting cues of basic porcelain,
medium and high relief in porcelain as a form of ornamental surface that emerges from the painted buttom.



Capodimonte porcelain is the highest and most perfect form of Italian artistic ceramics,
among the most appreciated in the world thanks to the mastery of processing and attention to detail.

The name “Capodimonte” is linked to the city of Naples and, in particular, to the reign of Charles III of Bourbon who, in 1743, built a factory on a hill near the royal palace, named Capodimonte.

The “Capodimonte” collection created by this factory incorporates the typical style of this school,
inspired by everyday life, with particular reference to the life of the fields of the ‘800.

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