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Briar Pipe with Central Hole

Briar Pipe with Central Hole

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Smoking can seriously damage your health.

Superior quality briar-pipe, for meditation and with curved  base. The value of this pipe is given by the briar quality, its grain and its accurate crafts workmanship.
For free, a folding wooden support for pipe and a pipe cleaner in wood, too useful when traveling.


Product Description


Tom Spanu’s pipes are known all over the world by every connoisseur. He’s making his pipes from about thirty years, these pipes are made with the “erica scoparia”, which is considered to be one of the best briar in the world, and grow in Sardinia (Italy). The secret of its success lies in the fact that no pipe is designes before its making, but it is only nature, depending on the shape and color of heather log, inspiring Tom to decide how the finished product will look. Tom is an artist, a sculptor that creates pipes always different one to the other. Every pipe is a unique creation, an art work. An handmade artifact of a craftsman at the highest levels of Made in Italy.

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Additional Information

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