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Kanaka Maoli Pen

Kanaka Maoli Pen

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Limited Edition
Models available:
1KD – Fountain pen nib 18 kt converter or cartridge, 1.898 pieces
1K – Fountain pen nib 18 kt converter or cartridge, 1.898 pieces

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Product Description

Technical characteristics

Body and cap:
Are turned by hand from solid bars of a new and special resin created to include the most widespread colors in this splendid archipelago.  In the top of the cap an engraved medal is offered portraying the famous icon of these marvellous islands, the turtle. Also placed in the cap a ring portraying the well known Hawaiian flower and a clip depicting an old Kanaka warrior’s mask. The extremity of the pen body is in metal and is shaped as the Hawaiin Tribal drums. All these characterizing elements are created using the traditional handcraft technique known as “lost-wax” casting process.
Filling system:
The 1KS and celebration versions offer the traditional filling system, the lateral lever system, widely appreciated by collectors and pen connoisseurs.  In the 1k version the filling system is by threaded converter or cartridge.
The 18 carat solid gold nib is specially designed, customized and flexible.  It is decorated with a representation of a Leiomano, a shark tooth weapon.  It is available in EEF, EF, F, M, B, BB, OM, OB, OBB and STUB grades.

The collection

Limited to only 100 pieces worldwide, the Celebration version offers the most characterizing elements, the central ring, the clip and the medal, in solid sterling silver. These elements are first plated with 24 carat gold and after enriched with a layer of pink gold further enhancing the pens spectacular details.
The flowery ring features an aquamarine natural stone. The nib is in 18 carat gold and covered also with pink gold.The Kanaka Maoli collection includes a special version (1KS) limited to 898 fountain pens featuring the lateral lever system and the characterizing elements in special bronze alloy plated with 24 carat gold.
The collection comprises also the (1K) version limited to 1898 fountain pens with the filling system accomplished by cartridge or converter and with the characterizing elements in special bronze alloy Rhodium plated.
Also available are 1898 ballpoint pens with twist mechanism and same characteristics as the 1k version.

Craftsmen of Writing

Delta, a new innovative Italian writing instruments manufacturer was established in 1982.
From the beginning, Delta has chosen only the highest product standards and controls every aspect of the pen manufacturing process through the watchful eyes of skilled artisans.
Delta’s research and development department has also committed itself to the study of innovative and exotic materials.

Delta has been the first in the world to:

  • manufacture writing instruments with carbon fibre and titanium;
  • reintroduce the rare and intriguing antique lateral lever filling system, very much treasured by pen collectors;
  • receive two consecutive “Best Limited Edition Award”.

Delta has become the writing instrument of important events and important individuals, characterized by its quality and technology, which has been rewarded with the appreciation of collectors, connoisseurs and pen enthusiasts from all over the world.

International Warranty

In addition to the warranty given by the law, when used correctly this writing instrument is lifetime warranted by Delta against any defective part.
Whenever any repair may be needed, due to a manufacturing defect or defective part, the costs of parts and labor will be provided by Delta granted the following conditions:
The writing instrument:

  • Has not been mishandled, immersed or dropped;
  • Has not been disassembled or used in a manner different than the one given in user instructions;
  • Has not been modified.


Ink- To obtain the best results, the use of Delta’s ink is advised.
All fountain pens are offered with Delta’s own premium high-grade ink. Delta’s inks are available in various colors.
DELTA recommends washing the pen reservoir with clean water (never use solvents), when pen is not used for long periods of time.
Ink left in the pen for long periods of time may change its color.
Also during air travel it is suggested that the pen (when filled with ink) be carried in an upright position.
In extreme cases of high air pressure can force ink out of the barrel provoking leakage.

Additional Information

Additional Information

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