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Dolcevita We’ Silver Diamond

Dolcevita We’ Silver Diamond

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Dolcevita We’ Silver Diamond Pens, body hand turned from solid bar of a special black resin, threaded cap; double filling system by converter or cartridge; 14kt solid gold nib, central ring in solid sterling silver 925‰ and the trimmings rhodium, clip in special elastic metal alloy.

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The horn is the symbol par excellence of neapolitan superstition.Often it’s replaced on doors or balconies by falls of red peppers,which have the symbolic function of driving away the evil tongues with their hot seeds.Today the real meaning of the horn has been lost.
Actually it represents nothing else but a stylized version of the phallus of the roman god Priapus,guardian of fields, protector against the evil eye and god of fertility and prosperity,protector of house and fishing. Horns are used today to keep away the evil eye and as good luck charm.

International Warranty
In addition to the warranty given by the law, when used correctly this writing instrument is lifetime warranted by Delta against any defective part.
Whenever any repair may be needed, due to a manufacturing defect or defective part, the costs of parts and labor will be provided by Delta granted the following conditions:

The writing instrument
• Has not been mishandled, immersed or dropped
• Has not been disassembled or used in a manner different than the one given in user instructions
• Has not been modified

Ink- To obtain the best results, the use of Delta’s ink is advised.
All fountain pens are offered with Delta’s own premium high-grade ink. Delta’s inks are available in various colors.
DELTA recommends washing the pen reservoir with clean water (never use solvents), when pen is not used for long periods of time.
Ink left in the pen for long periods of time may change its color.
Also during air travel it is suggested that the pen (when filled with ink) be carried in an upright position.
In extreme cases of high air pressure can force ink out of the barrel provoking leakage.

Additional Information

Additional Information

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