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Cellini Crystal Vase

Cellini Crystal Vase

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Handmade pb24% crystal vase, bronze silver plated border, diam. cm 23, h. 45


Product Description

This pb24% crystal vase is blown and cut by hand.

  • The crystal can be made in various colors: transparent, amber, pink, turquoise, green, purple, gray, yellow, green oil.
  • The crystal can also be “layered”, that is made in two layers of different color: the main combinations are amber / blue, transparent / blue, transparent / black.
  • The metal border is made with the process of investment casting and is processed and hand-welded tailored to each crystal. The material is bronze, which is then silver or gold depending on the customer’s request.
  • Each item is packed in a box with logo and the manufacturer’s warranty.

The Company

The history of this Company in Florence is the story of three generations of silversmiths and craftsmen who, from 1930 to today, have passed on their skill, traditions and ideas which are still the basis of a production done entirely by hand.

The founder started as silversmith in 1930’s, learning the various techniques of a craft which is truly an art, where every object made is the result of the the skill and ability of the single crafts-man.

Today the company, specialized in the Florentine style of silverware, is managed by the grandsons who carry on the business with passion, respect for the Tuscan tradition and for Florentine artistic crafstmanship.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Weight 6 kg
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