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Peonia lampshade

Peonia lampshade

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Peonia lampshade with floral decor cm. 33×45. Ceramic

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Peonia lampshade with floral decor cm. 33×45. Ceramic.
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Already as a student he spent a lot of time in the factory of his father, sculptor, and grandfather
who taught him the secrets and techniques of ceramics and porcelain.
In a short time, it was immediately evident that love for art and beauty would always accompany him.

Today this love is still the spring that leads him to always seek new lines and shapes, that give each
creation aesthetic sense and harmony.

For the artistic and innovative tradition that continues to pursue, the most qualified critics and admirers
from every part of the world they consider him ingenious and unique.

The production of our artist, although extensive, is however  a limited production as it happens
in a large art workshop, where the work is done by hand, always using traditional methods.
Visiting the plants seems to take a trip back in time, and only a great enthusiasm and feeling
allows the numerous artisans to work, shoulder to shoulder, without envy and rivalry but only with a spirit of emulation.


Capodimonte is a pleasant hill in Naples where Charles II, king of the two Sicilies,
wanted that, in addition to his splendid palace, the Real Porcelain Factory was built in 1739.

Thus was born the art of ceramics and porcelains of Capodimonte, which had infinite triumphs
and whose pieces are in museums all over the world and in the richest collections of royal and private.

An object of Capodimonte arrives in the houses on happier days, when a wedding
veil is prepared, when a crib is purchased, when an important date is celebrated.
Whoever received or bought an authentic Capodimonte, even if small, did not he will never deprive himself
in life but he will become attached to it as to the dearest things.

The value of the authentic pieces of Capodimonte is priceless, beyond the very high values ​​
achieved at the auctions of Sotheby’s or Christie’s.

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