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Table with Malachite

Empire style table. Micro casting bronze legs representing winged lions. Details and top in real malachite, cm. 180 x 110 x 90 h

€ 113.000,00

Important sideboard made of mahogany wood and oak and erable veneer. Metal columns coated of malachite stone and decorated with rings and capitals of chiseled brass. Sides in low relief with malachite inserts. Frame and decorations of brass. Top and base duly shaped and decorated with ormolu.Two doors with malachite frames, central panel of marble and 3D marble and stone decorations at floral and fruits patterns. Four brass feet duly carved. 24Kt gold plated and chiseled decorations. Marble and malachite top, cm. 135 x 70 x 105 h

€ 54.600,00
Console Malachite & Mirror

Console with malachite french gold patina, h. 96 cm x l. 160 cm

€ 39.000,00€ 97.000,00
Dining Table

Inlaid dining table with two based of maple wood. Leaf gold gilding. Oval shape top, cm. 280 x 120 x 78 h

€ 32.680,00
Important Consolle

Important consolle with mirror in baroque italian style in lime wood. Totaly handmade carving e finished with real 24Kt gold shining and mat with agata stone. Black & gold marble, cm. 222 x 62 x 116 h

€ 31.757,00

Three doors sideboard in Transition style realized in elm and black pear woods. 24Kt gilded bronzes and black marble top, cm. 220 x 60 x 103 h

€ 30.000,00

Duly carved canopy: 24kt gold gilt wood, cm. 220 x 105 x 50 H

€ 21.090,00
Fully Inlaid Sideboard

Fully Inlaid Sideboard With 24 Kt Gold Plated Bronzes And Standard Marble Top, cm. 200 x 58 x 90

€ 20.803,00
Fully Inlaid Sideboard 2

Fully Inlaid Sideboard With 24 Kt Gold Plated Bronzes And Standard Marble Top, cm. 260 x 50 x 70

€ 20.617,00
Griffins table with malachite

Griffins table with malachite french gold patina,  h 76 x ø 99 cm

€ 13.500,00€ 22.000,00
Gun Holder Cabinet

Cabinet to be used as bar or gun holder. Single door with columns. 24Kt plated bronzes. Low reliefs are entirely inlaid with musical patterns on a mahogany plume basic structure, cm. 60 x 40 x 120 h

€ 8.700,00
Living Room

Living room:

  • Lacquered Display Cabinet, cm. 250 x 60 x 240
  • 3 seat Sofa with relax system, cm. 260 x 100 x 105
  • Console Boulle Style. Brass inlays on a true sea turtle background in green colour. 24KT Gold Plated Bronze Decorations, cm. 160 x 60 x 90
  • Coffee table boulle style. Brass inlays on a sea turtle background in green colour. Gold leaf details, cm. 160 x 80 x 47
  • Hand-made painting on mirror. Outer frame of gold leaf gilt wood, cm. 120 x 220
€ 7.805,00€ 38.475,00


  • Important portal made of linden and mahogany wood with glass shelves, 240 x 70 x 330
  • Sideboard of linden wood with 24kt gold plated bronze decorations and upholstery green velvet fabric, 200 x 60 x 120
  • Black lacquered bar stool with 24kt gold plated bronzes. Leather upholstered, 50 x 130
  • Black lacquered wooden torchere with gold leaf details and white lampshade, 60 x 300
€ 5.129,00€ 35.457,00
  • Consolle Louis XVI style made of linden tree wood finely hand-carved. Four legs duly turned and grooved. Edge carved in low relief with decorative patterns and fl ower garlands. Carved base jointed by a cross element decorated with a central well rounded vase. Marble top and gold leaf fi nishing, cm. 134 x 52 x 90 h
  • Mirror Louis XVI style made of linden tree wood or maple finely hand-carved. Garland on top and hackle at floral patterns with vase. Gold leaf fi nishing, cm 90 x 180 h
€ 4.901,00€ 17.423,00
Dining room

Dining room:

  • Important dining table with a duly carved base, black lacquered and with gold details. Top made of portoro marble fit into a wooden black lacquered surface, 300 x 160 x 78
  • Duly carved armchair with a red bolo gilding. Fabric upholstered, 75 x 60 x 105
  • Plume mahogany cabinet “stipo” black painted, based on an eight leg console. 24kt gold plated bronzes and portoro marble columns at sides. Two opening doors, 150 x 60 x 205
  • Black lacquered console with eight legs and 24kt gold plated bronzes. Two decorative vases at the base, 220 x 60 x 93
  • Table lamp, 24 kt gold plated bronze and white lampshade, 55 x 100
  • Wooden mirror turtle plated on a green and black background, 190 x 290
  • Octagonal shape mirror. Linden tree wood with gold leaf gilding and antique patina, 65 x 90
€ 2.670,00€ 36.349,00
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