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  • Consolle Louis XVI style made of linden tree wood finely hand-carved. Four legs duly turned and grooved. Edge carved in low relief with decorative patterns and fl ower garlands. Carved base jointed by a cross element decorated with a central well rounded vase. Marble top and gold leaf fi nishing, cm. 134 x 52 x 90 h
  • Mirror Louis XVI style made of linden tree wood or maple finely hand-carved. Garland on top and hackle at floral patterns with vase. Gold leaf fi nishing, cm 90 x 180 h
€ 4.901,00€ 17.423,00
Dining room

Dining room:

  • Important dining table with a duly carved base, black lacquered and with gold details. Top made of portoro marble fit into a wooden black lacquered surface, 300 x 160 x 78
  • Duly carved armchair with a red bolo gilding. Fabric upholstered, 75 x 60 x 105
  • Plume mahogany cabinet “stipo” black painted, based on an eight leg console. 24kt gold plated bronzes and portoro marble columns at sides. Two opening doors, 150 x 60 x 205
  • Black lacquered console with eight legs and 24kt gold plated bronzes. Two decorative vases at the base, 220 x 60 x 93
  • Table lamp, 24 kt gold plated bronze and white lampshade, 55 x 100
  • Wooden mirror turtle plated on a green and black background, 190 x 290
  • Octagonal shape mirror. Linden tree wood with gold leaf gilding and antique patina, 65 x 90
€ 2.670,00€ 36.349,00
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