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Backgammon Case

Brown leather Backgammon case
Red leather Backgammon case

Brown leather or red crocodile printed leather case, cm 58x36x9. Playing surface: leather inlaid, pearled checkers mm 45. Available in all leather colours.

€ 800,00
Jewellery case

Large jewellery case, cm. 24 x 18 x 9,5, made in a wooden covered in vegetable tanned leather  only by hand, painted and polished.  Available in all our colours, inside finished in velvet lined, with the elegant tray to take off with ring-stand. Lock with key.

€ 245,00€ 375,00
Cuff-links case

Cuff-links case, cm 13x8x3, made in vegetable tanned leather  only by hand, painted and polished. Finished inside in velvet, with 6 partition for ear ring or cuff-lins. Painted and polished by hand. Available in all our colours.

€ 120,00
Double Pen & Glasses Case

Double pen and glasses case in calf leather. 6,5×17,5 cm

€ 60,00
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